NEW YORK — A group of NYPD officers arrested a man who allegedly carried a rifle and a loaded handgun into a Manhattan subway station on Saturday, authorities said. 

Officers responding to a report of a suspicious person inside the Grand Street subway station around 11 a.m. found Yasmany Lopez, 25, of Miami, Florida, holding a rifle carrying case, according to police and a complaint filed with the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

The officers found an AR-15 pistol rifle, 30 loose cartridges, one 30-capacity magazine with 17 live cartridges, a second 30-capacity magazine with 22 live cartridges and an empty extended 9mm magazine inside the case, prosecutors said. 

They also found a loaded 9mm handgun with 12 live cartridges in Lopez's left jacket pocket, according to prosecutors. 

Lopez was charged with four counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and three counts of unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices within the home as a second offense, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors did not say why Lopez was armed inside the subway station. 

A judge set Lopez's bail at $25,000. He is currently being held at the Eric M. Taylor Center on Rikers Island, city Department of Correction records show.

The district attorney's office said the next court date is scheduled for Friday, May 20. 

Lopez's attorney didn't immediately respond to request for comment Monday. 

Last month, Frank James, 62, was accused of carrying out a mass shooting on a train as it pulled into a Brooklyn subway station. James pleaded not guilty to two counts of “committing a terrorist attack and other violence at a mass transportation system” and “disarming a firearm during a crime violence” Friday.