The line stretched back to 7th Avenue as shoppers waited six feet apart to get into the Park Slope Food Co-Op:

The membership-based grocery store reported wait times of up to two hours Tuesday as they implemented rules to help maintain social distancing.

"I just need to get the shopping done, trying to shop for the week and forget about it," said one shopper.

That's exactly what the famed Brooklyn collective is requesting shoppers do: refrain from visiting the store frequently and shop efficiently.

Members are also encouraged to dress for the weather, as they can only allow 35 people in the store at a time.

"It was about an hour today, and that sounds pretty light for what it's been for the rest of the days," said another

The Park Slope Food Co-Op is one of the many grocery stores figuring out their new normal amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

The co-op faces unique challenges, however, as members are required to work in the store once every four weeks. Those work requirements have been halted.

"So everybody running the checkout is paid, where it's usually everybody running the checkout is not paid," said manager Joe Holtz.

The manager said they were making it work, though. Shoppers must apply hand sanitizer and wipe down baskets before they enter.

There were also signs posted indicating how many people can be in each aisle at once.

Members we spoke to said while it all may be inconvenient, it's well worth it for their safety.

"It's a hardship, it's a bother, I don't like it, but I think they're doing what they need to do."

Doing what they need to do to keep shelves stocked and people safe during this uncertain time.



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