QUEENS, N.Y. - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Monday that it was investigating after 11 subway cars were spray-painted with graffiti in Queens over the weekend.

Each car at the Jamaica Train Yard was spray-painted in different colors, and one was spray-painted with the message "Don't Come Here."

The incident is drawing more scrutiny from people who argue that the system isn't safe if graffiti artists had this much time to sabotage equipment.

Back in January, the Police Benevolent Association blasted the transit system in a Twitter post featuring video of a train covered in graffiti.

The police union called the incident a "true sign of decay."

That train was pulled from service to have the vandalism removed.

The MTA says, depending how many cars are impacted, it takes days and several thousand dollars to restore a train covered in graffiti.

The MTA released a statement saying, "The facts are that major graffiti incidents systemwide were down in 2019 despite alarmist claims to the contrary. New York City Transit continues to work closely with the NYPD to hold those accountable for these incidents to the fullest extent of the law as the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority."