Mayor Bill de Blasio is adding additional staff to his presidential campaign. 

The move comes after what he called a successful fundraising effort.

The mayor says he raised $1.1 million during the last six weeks of the second fundraising quarter, allowing him to beef up staffing.

The top five candidates in fundraising in brought in no less than $12 million the second quarter.

Appearing on Inside City Hall Monday night, de Blasio said he's confident in the direction his campaign is heading.

"I'm one of the last candidates to get in. We had to build up that infrastructure quickly. I feel good about what I have," he said. "I had three goals in the last six weeks. One was to put together enough resources to get started. Two was to build up a staff. Three was to have a strong debate performance in the first debate. I feel good that we were able to do those three things." 

The new additions to his campaign include a national press secretary, communications advisor and staff members specifically focused on early nominating states like South Carolina and Iowa.