NEW YORK — The protests in Borough Park this week are now political ammunition for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“I also believe his campaign is fomenting the Ultra-Orthodox in Brooklyn,” Cuomo said Friday.

What You Need To Know

  • The governor played an audio message to reporters on Friday, allegedly inciting Brooklyn residents to protest his COVID-19 regulations

  • Cuomo is blaming the Trump campaign for egging on violence in Brooklyn

  • The mayor promises an arrest in the Jacob Kornbluh case shortly

  • Controversial activist Heshy Tischler said on Twitter he would be arrested on Monday for the attack on Kornbluh

On a conference call with reporters on Friday, the governor blamed the Trump campaign for inciting the demonstrations in Brooklyn — protests that turned violent earlier this week. He played reporters a recorded voice memo circulating throughout the Orthodox Jewish community.

The audio was muffled. But it in part said:

“They are urging everybody to come out with signs ‘Cuomo killed thousands,’” the voice of said, referring to the Trump campaign. It went on: "The Trump campaign is urging us to hold as many and as big signs as possible. Please send this message around and make it go viral.”

The Trump campaign denied any involvement.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in Brooklyn sided with the Cuomo administration, allowing his restrictions on mass gatherings and religious services to continue in COVID-19 hot zones — areas like Borough Park.

That said, protests in Brooklyn were much quieter on Thursday night after two nights of raucous demonstrations. Earlier this week, a journalist, Jacob Kornbluh, was allegedly assaulted in the melee.

During his weekly radio appearance on Friday, Mayor de Blasio said someone would be arrested in connection with the case shortly. Later in the day, a controversial community activist, who was caught on camera yelling at Kornbluh on Wednesday night, posted to Twitter he would be arrested on Monday.

“I just got a call from the precinct,” said Heshy Tischler, who is also running for City Council. "They will be arresting me Monday morning. I will be taken in for inciting a riot."

In response an NYPD spokesperson sent NY1 this statement: “We are working closely with our partners at Brooklyn DA & this matter is the subject of an active investigation.”


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