A rally against National Grid's proposed pipeline in northern Brooklyn was held on Saturday night.

"Now we push back, against anything that threatens our existence, that threatens our health, that threatens on community, that threatens our children," a protestor said.

National Grid plans to build a pipeline in Brownsville that expands to Greenpoint.

Demonstrators said it would cause harm to surrounding communities - especially those of color. 

They accuse National Grid of starting construction without consent from the city, nor providing an environmental impact study. 

Demonstrators marched from Zion Triangle Park to the site of the pipe's intended location at Junius street and New Lots Avenue. 

The protesters are calling on Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to step in and stop its construction.

In a statement, National Grid spokeswoman Karen Young said: "It’s our obligation to provide safe and reliable energy to our customers and we’re working in compliance with all city and state rules and regulations to complete any work."