Police will patrol central Brooklyn this weekend to make sure J'Ouvert and West Indian Day revellers do not take their celebration to the streets of New York City, officials announced Thursday.

Neither the pre-dawn festival nor the iconic Eastern Parkway parade will be permitted this year because of novel coronavirus safety measures that limit crowds to 50 people, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rep. Yvette Clarke told New Yorkers. 

"We want families to be safe," Clarke said. "We want to leave the space for law enforcement to keep us safe by not congregating." 

NYPD patrols will monitor activity in central Brooklyn to make sure large parties don't break out on city streets, Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo said. 

"I ask and implore everyone to continue what they're doing," Pichardo said. "To be smart and be safe."

De Blasio canceled the Labor Day festivities in July, devasting New Yorkers who had spent months preparing handmade costumes for the dazzling event. 

The West Indian American Day Carnival Association still plans to hold the 53rd annual celebration, they're just doing it virtually

The festivities aren't the only Labor Day sacrifice de Blasio asked New Yorkers to make, pleading with New Yorkers not to travel over the long weekend. 

"We still have time to rest, recharge and reflect on the efforts and sacrifices that unions and working people have made to make our city, de Blasio said.

"Next year, god willing, we'll be back on Eastern Parkway."