Governor Cuomo released the latest information on the coronavirus in New York.

Out of the nearly 71,500 tests yesterday, a little over 1 percent came back positive. That's 750 cases.

While hospitalizations fell once again, there were 10 COVID-19-related deaths yesterday. Seven of those were in New York City.

In total, there have been more than 415,000 confirmed cases in the State.


Recovery Could Take Weeks for Mild COVID-19 Cases, CDC Says

A new CDC study found that recovering from even a mild COVID-19 infection can take several weeks.

According to the study, that includes cases in people aged 18 to 34 with no history of chronic illness.

One in five of them still experienced symptoms after two to three weeks, like cough, fatigue and body aches.

A phone survey of nearly 300 patients two to three weeks after they had tested positive for coronavirus found that roughly one-third of middle-aged adults had not fully recovered by that point. And almost half of those 50 and older had not recovered at all.

The CDC says the results are somewhat surprising since most patients recover from the flu and other viral infections within two weeks.

Experts say the study highlights the need for young people to take social distancing seriously.