Senator Charles Schumer announced his plan Sunday to fight for billions of dollars for the United State’s Postal service, which has been crippled by the pandemic. 

The senator said he’s planing to head back to Washington to discuss a coronavirus economic recovery bill, which he said needs to address the dire problems surrounding the postal service.

Schumer said that if the bill does not provide the USPS with funds and personal protective equipment, post offices across the state might have to shut their doors.

Schumer said the bill shouldn't be passed without that funding, especially before an election where mail-in voting is expected to be widely used.

"Without the U.S. postal service in operation, we might as well stamp ‘Return to Sender’ on any economic recovery plan that is presented,” Schumer said. “Another reason the postal service is so important: We're gonna have a lot of voting by mail. We don’t have a postal service? How are gonna people gonna vote by mail? How are the votes gonna be counted? How are we going to have an accurate election?"

Schumer said he will fight for $25 billion for the postal service in order to keep it running.