It may just be the new aesthetic of Sunday brunch during a pandemic: waiting in line to get coffee, cocktails and food-to-go, all while keeping social distance.

Though there were crowds and lines wrapping around the corner at Hutch and Waldo on the Upper East Side Sunday, customers were following protocol.

"This place has been a god send, honestly. It's my favorite spot in the neighborhood," customer Melanie Horan said as she picked up her lunch.

Quite a different sight could been seen Saturday night on the Upper East Side, as crowds gathered to drink and socialize outside local bars and restaurants.

Mayor de Blasio was asked about it at his daily briefing the following day.

"If we have to shutdown places, we will,” de Blasio said. “If they're violating these rules, it's about health and safety and the same with congregating outside —  if there are a bunch of people, that's a gathering.”

People who live in the area say that kind of behavior can't repeat itself.

"There were a lot of young kids if you look in the pictures. It's a pandemic, it's a serious thing," customer Peter Clark said.

But the manager at Hutch and Waldo says, fortunately, they have not had that problem just yet.

"People have been really responsive, they know a lot of the staff here,” said Harry Plumptre. “We're friends with a lot of the people who come here and they totally understanding that … if they are going to stay, they need to be six feet apart and have a mask on.” 

Hutch and Waldo has six feet distance markers written in chalk so customers know to keep their distance. They're also giving out gloves to customers and the manager says the staff is specifically trained on how to deal with crowds to make sure people are keeping their distance.

"We get really busy especially on Saturday and Sunday, so all of our staff have been trained on how to deal with people and with crowd control," Plumptre said.

Matt Corritori told NY1 he’s a regular at the Upper East Side spot. We found him picking up an iced coffee when he told us it’s a relief knowing some businesses are really trying to enforce social distancing.

"I think people here have been pretty good spreading out and not getting on top of each other. From what you mentioned about last night, that's where people have been more congregated," Corritori said.

The mayor is continuing to urge New Yorkers to call 311 if they see overcrowding at bars and restaurants, or if they see anyone neglecting social distancing rules.