Five years after the death of Eric Garner, legislation is being introduced in New York State to stop chokeholds.

The "Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold" bill is being proposed by Assemblyman Walter Mosley and State Senator Brian Benjamin.

Garner's family and the Rev. Al Sharpton were on hand for the announcement at the National Action Network's headquarters in Harlem.

The bill would implement a statewide ban on the chokehold that was used on Garner by an NYPD officer in 2014.

Sharpton says the federal government also needs to take action.

"And petition the Congress to have public hearings on making federal law about chokeholds, about prosecutorial conduct, about having cameras on police that they can't cut off," Sharpton said.

"This was a man who was standing on the corner, who was completely affronted, assaulted and was killed, and we are going to make sure with this law that he gets the justice that he deserves," Benjamin said.

On Friday, a House bill was introduced by New York Rep. and House Judiciary Committee member Hakeem Jeffries. That is called "The Eric Garner Excessive Use of Force Prevention Act of 2019."

On Thursday, Eric Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, mother testified before Washington lawmakers.