NEW YORK - The City Council is holding hearings Thursday focusing on the safety and security at public housing across the city. 

According to recent NYPD crime statistics, despite an overall reduction of crime in the city, there has been an increase in crime and shootings in public housing complexes.

This year there have been 1,974 crimes reported with 431 during the month of May. This time last year, there were 1,910 crimes.

A teen was shot in a playground at the Bushwick Houses in Williamsburg this week and a woman was murdered with an axe last month. 

The pattern has raised concern within NYCHA residents who want more to be done.

"There are so many robberies. They're holding up people, hitting seniors. I think that something should be done about it," said one NYCHA resident.

"They can always find more ways of protecting people," said another NYCHA resident.

"I think that the government should put more strict laws with buildings like these because as days go by, it's getting more dangerous," noted a third resident.

Additional lighting and security cameras have been installed at NYCHA complexes around the city.