A wonderful moment in the Bronx as a soldier surprises his children after being overseas for nearly a year.

Specialist Robert Goins, a New York Army National Guardsman last hugged his children 11 months ago when he was deployed to Kuwait and Egypt.

His 8-year-old son Jayden and 6-year-old daughter Allana had no idea he was coming home. Which made the reunion, at a Black History Month event at their school, PS 111 an even bigger surprise.

"I wanted him to come home Thanksgiving or Christmas,” said Jayden Cortes Goins, Robert’s son.

The youngest of the children, 3-year-old Elijah was overjoyed to get hugs and kisses from daddy as well.  

"They missed him a lot. The little one especially, mom can I speak to my dad, it was kind of hard sometimes. So having to explain it to a three year old that right now that you can't talk to your dad, it was kind of hard," said Anistaisa Goins, Robert’s wife.

And then it finally hit her. Her husband, the father of the family, is no longer half a world away.

"Definitely the most challenging thing I have ever done, being away from my family. By far," Robert Goins said.

City Councilman Andy King helped to arrange the surprise reunion.

Goins joined the National Guard in 2016.

"Serving our community, serving abroad we are truly grateful and thankful," City Councilman Andy King said.

Goins attended PS 111 on Baychester Avenue himself. The 30-year-old soldier told the students to get their education and listen to their teachers.

As a part of the Black History Month event he told them about Black soldiers who helped to break down racial barriers in the military.  

"So I want you to remember his name Henry Johnson. That is the person that we studied, while I was overseas, while I was aboard. Representing this patch here, the Harlem Hell Fighters," Goins added.

Specialist Goins says they only thing he wants to do now is constantly hug his kids, to make up for all of those special days he has missed in last year.

He says this homecoming was priceless.