Facing mounting pressure by the FDA, the electronic-cigarette company Juul is now pulling some of its popular flavors from shelves and will discontinue its social media promotions to help reduce the number of teenagers who buy their products.

Juul Labs says mango, fruit, and cucumber pods will now only be available on the company's website.

The site will also feature an age verification process.

Juul Chief Executive Kevin Burns says the company's goal is to help smokers kick the habit, and that Juul pods are only meant to be used by adults.

"While working towards our mission, an unintended, serious problem has developed: underaged usage of our product. Our intent was never to have youth use Juul, but they are," Burns said.

This announcement comes just a few days after the Cuomo administration announced plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes next year, to prevent use by teens.