The city will bring in about 2,000 teachers to meet the increased staffing demands of the blended learning system, Mayor de Blasio announced on Monday.

De Blasio declined to provide specific numbers about where the teachers would de deployed, but said only a couple hundred out of 1,600 schools needed one or two more teachers. 

"New teachers will be sent into schools to help schools that need additional support," de Blasio said. "We'll keep working with each school to make sure what they need is what they get."

Substitute and out-of-classroom Department of Education teachers will join efforts to educate 1.1 million public school students who will be learning remotely and in city classrooms, de Blasio said. 

There have been 55 positive cases among the 17,000 school staffers who took novel coronavirus tests as of Monday for a positivity rate of .32 percent, the mayor said. 

"We're going to do all of this with an effort on health and safety first," de Blasio said. "Even when they're'll be some ups and downs, we'll make it work."