NEW YORK - New York State’s infection rate is 3.18%, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Officials are working on a COVID-19 winter plan in anticipation of an increase in cases during the colder months.

The rate in hot spot areas is 4.9%and 2.68% outside of those zones. Both of those are down slightly from the day before.

Of the 217,000 tests performed, there were more than 2,400 positive ones. About 67 New Yorkers died from coronavirus complications.

The city, meanwhile, is reporting the seven-day average positivity rate is up to 3.33%. More than 1,500 cases were reported Thursday.

About 114 people were admitted to the hospital.  

The governor said Thursday that the state’s winter plan will continue with a micro-cluster approach, with certain areas deemed yellow, orange or red zones depending on their infection rates. Each of those will have corresponding restrictions.

Cuomo says the plan's details will depend on what kind of consequences there are from any Thanksgiving travel or gatherings.

Officials have warned that Thanksgiving travel and gatherings would increase coronavirus cases and deaths in the U.S., and the latest data from Johns Hopkins University appears to show that's what happened. 

The University reported more than 110,000 new COVID cases and more than 1,200 new deaths in the U.S. on Thursday.

Texas, California, and Florida have the most new reported cases.

The day before the holiday the U.S. reported 2,046 deaths, the country's highest one-day coronavirus death toll since early May.