These skilled knitters can churn out handcrafted items in no time. 

And while they could be turning them for a profit, they've decided it's better to spread the love free of charge. 

"It's nice to feel that you're doing something for somebody else, rather than just sitting and knitting a scarf for yourself," said Judy Davis, our Staten Islander of the Week. 

It's a common thread shared by all members of the CloseKnit club. 

The group meets once a month here at The Noble Maritime Collection. 

It's where they spend several hours creating special items for those who could use a little warmth in their life. 

"It's fun. It's wonderful. It's just a feeling of giving to other people," said Gale Bellafiore, our Staten Islander of the Week. 

The group started its mission back in 2003.

Stitch-by-stitch, the knitters work on projects to help charitable organizations here on Staten Island and beyond. 

"They make every kind of stitch that you can imagine," said Nick Dowen of The Noble Maritime Collection. "They would come if we had a blizzard, they would come if we had a hurricane. They are very dedicated." 

The club has worked with the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to create knitted teddy bears for orphans across the country. 

They also donate their items to babies born prematurely at Richmond University Medical Center.

"Some of the women make blankets for the babies," said Bellafiore. "We have extra yarn, we make squares and then some of us put them together to make afghans that we give to the homeless." 

But that is just the start. 

Their knitted items have even made the journey out to sea. 

Each winter, the club sends scarves to merchant seamen who can't make it ashore for the holidays. 

"Many of them are from the Phillipines and warm countries and they go into the north or up to Norway and Europe and they're freezing," said Bellafiore. "They are really appreciative of the scarves and the hats. Some of the ladies make socks or vests." 

And so, for stringing together random acts of kindness to help others near and far, these close knit volunteers are our Staten Islanders of the Week.