A Build It Back sign hangs on Celma Marinzulich's home, evidence her house was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy through the city's storm-recovery program.

The Midland Beach resident moved back in 12 weeks ago, but Marinzulich said there's still so much work to be done.

"I cannot take a hot shower. I cannot, cook because my stove is broke. I cannot use the oven. I cannot use the dishwasher," Marinzulich said. "I would like to ask, Is this condition to live inside this house?"

That's not all. The handrail on the staircase is loose, a two-by-four holds up a window frame, moldings around another window are missing, wires are exposed, nails poke out from the attic ceiling, and rope blocks an entrance because a door was never installed.

Marinzulich: This is open and people can enter here.

Farinacci: So you try to booby trap it?

Marinzulich: I don't know what I can do anymore.

But the most alarming defect, Marinzulich said, is what happens in the quiet of the night.

"My house is shaking. This is very, very worrying. We cannot sleep," she said.

Marinzulich said her experience is similar to those of six Brooklyn homeowners we told you about earlier this week.

They live in Gerritsen Beach and are dissatisfied with the quality of taxpayer-financed repairs. All said they felt their homes were shifting or sinking.

NY1 reported that they are planning a class-action lawsuit against Build It Back, seeking damages for what they call unsafe conditions in their homes.

After our story aired, Marinzulich was one of several additional homeowners who told us they wanted to join the litigation.

"Every time I went to Build It Back's office, they humiliated me. They said to me, 'This is free, and I need to receive my house and I need say thank you.' But my house didn't shake before," Marinzulich said.

All of the homeowners we've spoken with since our story about plans for a class-action lawsuit aired expressed one common concern: how their homes passed inspections despite what they called very obvious safety issues.

"Air condition doesn't work, heat doesn't work, no hot water, no water meter," Marinzulich said.

Build It Back says it is aware of the issues at Marinzulich's home and is working to address them.

Matt Viggiano, of Build it Back, said, "Completed Build It Back homes come with a one year warranty. This warranty, as well as the process under which homeowners may file claims, is made clear for each homeowner that returns home. We remain committed to assisting Sandy-impacted families.”