A Republican primary for Staten Island's congressional seat is just weeks away, and things between Congressman Dan Donovan and his opponent, former Congressman Michael Grimm, heat up this week amid allegations Donovan used his former position as District Attorney to keep his girlfriend's son from spending the night in jail.

Donovan vigorously denies the claims, pointing to an arrest report made public this week, and phone records he says will be released soon.

The Donovan campaign has written a letter asking the Ethics Committee to expedite its investigation, which usually takes 90 days, so the matter can be settled before the primary.

The race between Grimm and Donovan pits both men as staunch Trump supporters. 

After Donovan proposed legislation that would reverse the U.S. Postal Service regulation prohibiting photographs of the President and Vice President from hanging in post offices, longtime Grimm supporter and former Guy Molinari released a statement accusing him of "pandering" to the President.

Molinari, a former Congressman and Borough President who once enjoyed a close relationship with Donovan, attacked him in a statement that reads in part "A post office redecoration bill...Dan has lost his capacity for shame and would rather waste voters time with his theatrical displays of desperation...all I can say is I am truly embarrassed on his behalf."

Donovan fired back by saying Molinari is a "Never Trump...whose candidate is trying to cloak himself around the President."