As we get closer to the start of 2018, the crowds are building in Times Square. And as Our Bree Driscoll reports, they'd better be ready to deal with the bitter cold and increased security.

Serigne Sene Set up his table of 2018 gear along 46th street Sunday Morning hoping to cash in on the New Year’s Eve Celebration.  He says he will be here through the ball drop.

"I’m excited," the vendor said. "I’m going to watch the ball and I’m gonna be working making money at the same time."

He ended up getting and unexpected influx of sales.

"So far so good," he said. "But we’re selling more cold stuff like hats and gloves because it is too cold people are out buying hats and gloves."

That’s because the temperatures were in the low teens as the crews started the final celebration preparations and the NYPD conducted security sweeps.  Bomb sniffing dogs scoured the area as officers patrolled the Times Square area. But the stepped-up security did not deter the excitement.

"Yeah it’ll be so worth it," said one. "It’s on my bucket list so I am super excited."

Others came out to see Times Square before the area gets locked down, and then retreat to watch the ball drop from the warmth of their own homes.

"Because it’s going to be five below zero, am I crazy?"

Now officials are prepared for the cold and do expect the festivities to go off without a hitch despite the elements but they say it will have an effect on the crowds.

"We do think that they will come out later," said Tim Tompkins of the Times Square Alliance. "Last year even at this time of day you saw people lingering around ready to get their spot when the pens opened up I think they’ll come out a little bit later today."