Hundreds of People are taking on a challenge to raise money for a terminal disease, and the latest to get involved are students from Tottenville High School.

Four hundred students sweated it out in a push-up campaign, known as Jar of Hope, in the school’s gym on Wednesday. The event was part of a campaign to raise awareness for a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Those with the disease are usually in wheelchairs by their early teens, and don't typically live past their early 20s. To date there's no cure, and that's why James Raffone and his wife started the campaign in 2013 after their 7 year old son James, became terminally ill.

“Doctors told us to just go home and love my son but that wasn't enough for me,” Raffone said. “So I set out on a mission to try and find a cure for this deadly disease.”

Tottenville High raised $16,746 inspired by the young boy's story.