While most summer job contracts are over, some young goats are still working into the fall season.

Park Officials use two dozen goats every year to help eat the weeds on the hill where it's too tough for machines to reach.

"Before the goats come there's huge vegetation. A Japanese weed and it lines the wall at the top and obscures the views so you can't see," said Kathy Garofalo, a Recreation Specialist.

Suburban Acres Farm in New Jersey provided the goats this season. The owners, who come check on their heard at night, say the advantage of using the animals for the job, is they clear the weeds, without chemicals.

"They're doing it the natural way, there's no need to use pesticides, and with the steep slope here, you can't really get a machine up there, so they do the job and run up and down," said Adrienne Vento, with Suburban Acres Farm.

While the Goats love munching on the weeds, in order for them to have a balanced diet, the owners have added a mineral lick and baking soda.

"Baking soda helps to balance out their PH in the digestive track, and a mineral lick which has a nice assortment of minerals and vitamins," said Garofalo.

The Goat Project has been going on at Fort Wadsworth for more than 30 years, and each summer different farms contract out their herds.

But it's not all work and no play for these four legged helpers, they're meeting a lot of new friends.

"The amount of visitors is just amazing, they have lunch with the goats, it's very meditative and relaxing," said Garofalo.

The Goats will be on the hill until the end of September.  For those interested, there's a Goat Meet and Greet this Sunday, starting at 2pm at the Fort Wadsworth Overlook.