Staten Islanders will soon have the chance to learn about the latest technology trends - all in one place. 

The Staten Island Business Outreach Center is hosting it's first-ever Tekamorphosis event next week at The Staaten. 

The technology expo will feature workshops and demonstrations on topics like social media, identity theft and web tactics. 

Organizers say they want to help entrepreneurs and the general public navigate through the fast-paced tech industry.  

"We're trying to help small businesses so they can remain in the running, economically viable in this technology," said Loretta Cauldwell of the S.I. Business Outreach Center. 

"There's gonna be workshops on credit cards and the new requirements for those as well as business data backup," said Workshop Leader Mike Bloomfield. 

It all starts on September 28th at 9 a.m.   Admission is free. 

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