Some elected officials and community members in Queens are reacting unfavorably to proposed changes by Mayor de Blasio to some school admission policies.

NY State Senator Toby Stavisky (D-NY) representing Queens, along with other officals and Asian-American groups were vocal in their opposition while gathering in front of The Shops At Queens Crossing.

They are calling on Mayor de Blasio and the Schools Chancellor to keep in place the current Specialized High School Admittance Test or SHSAT. 

Earlier this week, de Blasio announced plans to change the admissions policies at the city's specialized high schools to make them more diverse. Protestors believe getting rid of the test would diminish the quality of the schools and deny Asian students admission.

Stavisky says "keep the test but solve the problem of the lack of diversity and you can do it in so many ways. Additional programs for the gifted and talented in the young early years in a childs education."

The Assembly will not vote on the bill this legislative session, but will raise the issue in 2019 when lawmakers reconvene.