Dog lovers had the opportunity to meet hounds, terriers and every breed in between at Westminster's annual "Meet the Breeds" event on Saturday.

Ahead of the Westminster Dog Show, "Meet the Breeds" lets people meet and play with more than 100 different breeds.

Prospective dog owners also learned about responsible dog ownership and which breeds may be right for them.  

Owners said they were excited to get the chance to show off their pups.

"It's very exciting. It's very hectic too with all the crowds," said one owner.

"I've been competing in agility for years, and I try to come here every year," said another. "One, because it's a great venue to be at, it's very exciting, and two, because it's like 15 minutes away from home."

"We work so hard just to be able to enter Westminster this past year, and just enjoying the day, and it's such a great sport, and the dogs aren't in it for the ribbons, they're just in it to be with us, so it's fun," said a third.

The 2018 Westminster Dog Show begins Monday at Madison Square Garden.

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