A Queens woman, whose home was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and fixed by the city, says the home she was given has sporadic heat and a city agency is not helping her get her heat back.

NY1 first told you about Brenda Peters in December 2016. Build It Back, the city agency responsible for helping New Yorkers repair their Sandy-damaged homes, gave her the keys to her newly-improved Far Rockaway house just in time to celebrate the holidays.

But Peters said Tuesday that her boiler has been randomly shutting off ever since.

She said her heaters shut off completely during a brutal cold snap last week and Build It Back is not helping her get her heat back.

"It's very frustrating. I'm getting sick, my voice is going," Peters said. "I have a sister who was a nurse. She told me, 'Brenda, get out of this house, because you're going to get pneumonia.'"

In a statement, Build It Back said, as it advises homeowners, a heat trace and other heating equipment must be turned on.

Sources said some of the pipes in the home froze, which was a result of the homeowner not turning on the heat trace system.