Local artwork will be popping up in Bodega windows across Bushwick-Ridgewood everyday until Christmas.

It's part of the Bodega Advent Project, which was created by Bushwick Abbey Episcopal Church and Iglesia de la Santa Cruz 

"One of the big themes of advent is the hope and preparing  for a better world," said Vince Anderson,  Director of Arts and Community Development

During Advent,  beginning on December 1st, many christian churchgoers remember the true meaning of Christmas as they count down the days.

This season, the church is showcasing local artists and bodega owners in hopes of connecting people. 

Followers can check-in daily on Instagram or Facebook as Bodega Advent reveals, each day, its featured 25 artists and 25 bodegas in the neighborhood.

"Putting art in windows can help the community to enter in and engage people in a different way," said Anderson. 

It's exposure for the artists.

"We’ve gone beyond the galleries, " said Seth Ruggles Hiler, a church member and artist curating the project, "The best place to start is in their own community."

It's also exposure for the bodegas. However, organizers say-better yet- see the art in person and meet bodega owners like Emigidio Moranto of Kanowa Food in Ridgewood    

"They can come in and see the difference between the businesses and how diverse it is and all the people that are involved in the program. I think it’s pretty cool and a unique experience living in New York City," said Moranto - a Navy veteran.

The Bodega Advent is a way to explore and appreciate Bushwick's diversity and art each day..

"Just through that process that we can  make this neighborhood a little better that we could build relationships and create really more of a sense of community," said Anderson. 

You can participate in this living advent calendar by checking out bodegaadvent.comto follow their social media handles.