A former college basketball player with ties to the city was arrested Wednesday in connection with a series of deadly shootings in Tampa, Florida.

Howell Donaldson III, 24,  is charged with four counts of first degree murder.

He graduated from St. John's University in January, and was a walk-on for the Red Storm's basketball team.

The New York City Police Department says he also has a criminal past in the city.

"Well he has a 9 millimeter handgun and I'd like to get their ballistics and check them online and hopefully that's what I'm going to do in the next couple of days. It's a media crush down there, understandably why in Tampa, so we'll wait until it's appropriate to liason with them," said NYPD Chief of Department Robert Boyce. 

Donaldson was taken into custody after police in Florida found a gun they said had been used in the four killings.

According to Tampa police, Donaldson admitted to owning the gun, but did not confess to the killings.