GOSHEN, N.Y. -- The Goshen planning board voted 6-0, with one abstentation, to approve Legoland's site plan.

The vote comes after opponents asked a judge for a referendum to let the community decide if Goshen could sell about nine acres of land to the park. The board later requested that petition's dismissal, saying it was done improperly with ineligible signatures.

Environmental issues like animal habitats and water contamination, as well as taxes, are some concerns, but some see Legoland as a financial opportunity for Goshen.

The site plan is conditionally approved after months of discussion. 

"I would certainly hope that they could appreciate the efforts that this board put into the review of the project. We do work for the town," said Lee Bergus, Goshen Planning Board chairperson.

Outside organizations, like the DOT, need to approve the plan but those against the project say they won't let this recent vote slow their opposition down.

"We feel they have a very long road and a lot of obstacles to hurdle. and we hope at a certain point, they will," said Debra Corr, Concerned Citizens For The Hudson Valley president. "we also have other things that are in the works. We are going to move forward legally against this process."