Democratic candidates running for the District 28 City Council seat in Southeast Queens are making their final push to fill the seat vacated by Ruben Wills, who was convicted on corruption charges in July. NY1's Gene Apodaca has more on how they are gearing up before next week’s primary election.


With the clock ticking down before next Tuesday’s primary election, two of the three democrats hoping to replace the now convicted Ruben Wills were out stumping for votes on Monday.   

Richard David is a member of Community Board nine.   He says he’ll fight to bring more funding back to District 28.

District 28 includes large sections of southeast Queens, including Jamaica, Rochdale, Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park.

At 31, he’s the youngest candidate in the race, and would be the first Guyanese member to sit on council if elected. 

He believes his ten years in the public sector makes him the most qualified.

“If we’re going to get this funding back to this community  we need someone who knows how government works,“ said David.

Candidate Hettie Powell says she’s running to fight corruption in the district.  

A longtime public defender and managing attorney at Queens Law Associates, she’s run for the seat before but lost to Wills in 2013. 

She believes her strengths include grassroots efforts to connect with those in the area, including her frequent “Hettie on the Bench” visits with public housing residents.

“They’re the ones who vote and they’re the ones who need the services and we have to put an we have to put whatever we think aside and put the people first,“ said Powell.

Both David and Powell have a tough challenger in Adrienne Adams.

The current chairwoman of Community Board 12, is now backed by Queens’ party leaders. 

The endorsement initially went to Wills until his trial.

In a recent debate on the Road to City Hall, she addressed whether that support might reflect unfavorably on her campaign.

“I am an independent thinker and my track record speaks for itself so as far as there being a cycle, I will stand on the record that I’ve had as leader of the community board for so many years, I’ll stand on the work that I’ve done alongside city  agencies and my reputation goes unblemished and I stand on that,” said Adams.

The primary election is September 12th.