An exhibit in Long Island City explores what makes people laugh.

Humorgous  Smorgasbord uses different artistic mediums to examine humor at The Flux Factory.

Some of the pieces include an interpretation of different kinds of snoring, displays making fun of typical movie plots and more.

As a part of the Factory's monthly Flux Thursday, which is the second Thursday of every month, the curators have also served up some dinner theater performances.

 "Everybody can sort of latch onto humor. It really can take a situation and make it just more socially acceptable, easy to sort of relate to," said Danny Crump, Co-Curator, Humorgous Smorgasbord.

"We wanted to get this overall sort of snapshot of different kind of humor so a smorgasbord is kind of like a big spread full of a variety of things so it made sense," said Sarah Dahlinger, Co-Curator, Humorgous Smorgasbord.

The gallery will be open to the public through this weekend.

Admission is free.