At the Flushing based S & L Aerospace Metals, employees are hard at work. The backbone of a business, officials say provides a shining example of what can be done with the help of the city.



“To see the company grow I’m just happy to be part of it,“ said employee, Joseph Wang.



On Tuesday Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and New York City Economic Development Corporation President James Patchett toured the facility.



The company which makes exclusive products for the Department of Defense and companies like Boeing, is undergoing a major expansion, thanks in part to a multimillion dollar land swap facilitated by the city.



The company has already broken ground on a lot where it plans to build a nearly 30 thousand square foot building, employing 20 more people.



“The fact that they are doubling down wanting to do this work in New York sort of puts the end to the mythology that people don’t want to build their businesses in New York or that this kind of advanced manufacturing doesn’t work here I think the proof is in the pudding,“ said Glen.



The expansion is considered a huge success. S & L was founded in 1947 by immigrant owners. What started as a bicycle part company today is considered one of the premier hydraulic manufacturers in the country.



The company is so well regarded, officials say at one point it was courted to leave the area. However, it stayed put, in part because nearly 90 percent of the company's workforce lives within 4 miles of the facility.


“One of the most valuable resources are our employees, so we felt that we owed it to ourselves but to them to keep it in an area where it’s easy for them to travel to work,“ said Executive Vice President, Ted Varvatsas.

“It’s a good opportunity to live nearby and have a great working environment. I spend pretty much more time here than at home, it’s like I have another family here,” said Wang.