Monica Rose is fed up.  

Forced to live right next door to a massive mound of trash.

“It was like coming over the fence, ” said Rose.

As bad as it looks she said it smells even worse.

"Guys they come here to urinate, urine, feces, " she said.

While the trash sits in what’s supposed to be a private dumpster lot for this Family Dollar store near the corner of 109th road and Merrick Boulevard, Rose says people in the neighborhood have turned it into a public dumping ground. 

While we were there we spotted an old door, a couch, even an old cracked toilet all tossed in the pile.  Joan Ramberan who lives across the street says it’s ruining the neighborhood.

"It’s not uplifting us just taking us down," said Ramberan.

Rose showed us this ledger of all the people she’s reached out to for help; from the company to the city’s Department of Sanitation.  She’s even contacted Council Member Daneek Miller’s office and yet the trash remains.

Sanitation officials say they are aware of the problem, in March they issued a summons to the store for dirty sidewalks which carries a $100 fine.  It’s still pending.

The store has also received a summons for not displaying a certificate showing which company is supposed to pick up the trash.

On Wednesday a sanitation worker gave the store yet another summons.

A spokesperson for Family Dollar thanked us for bringing it to his attention.  

He says he’s gathering more information to quote “address this concern promptly.”

Councilman Millers office says illegal dumping is a challenge in the district, but his office is committed to working with the community to address it.

As for Rose, she says this all could be resolved if the company just put up a gate, tall enough to prevent the illegal dumping.

"They need to do something the garbage is coming onto my fence. This is not fair to me,” she said.