It's a street food extravaganza.  An upcoming annual competition will determine the best vendors in the city.  NY1's Shannan Ferry caught up with some Queens businesses that are in the running. 

The 12th Annual Vendy Awards will take place this weekend, honoring the best of the best in street food.

Many Queens-based vendors told NY1, on Thursday, that they're ready to take the heat for a chance to win.

"Our staff so to speak is really our family, so my niece and my nephew my brother my sister, my parents, everybody is involved," said Jean Paul Medina.  

Medina and his family run a catering and food business called NJS out of their Fresh Meadows home.

They're in the running for the 'Best Market Vendor' award and hope their Colombian style hot dogs are a huge hit with hungry voters.  

Winners are determined by event ticket holders and celebrity judges. 

"The way we do them is we put sweet sauce, we balance it out with a salty sauce, we put potatoes chips, ham, bacon, cheese, different toppings, and each hot dog kinda has it's own personality," Medina said. 

Over in Jackson Heights, Russell Sibly and Michael Melendez are perfecting their Bengali Street Food recipes. 

Together they own this cart called Puran Dhaka and are up for the 'Rookie of the Year' Vendy award. 

"New York City nobody really knows about Bengali street food, even Bengali people will open up Indian restaurants, so I wanted to do something that has to do with my culture," said Sibly. 

They've only been in business for about 2 and a half months.  But, they're still confident their food will be a favorite this weekend.

"Our main dish is our rice biryani, goat biryani, beef biryani, morog polao, that's a Bengali version of chicken and rice," said Melendez. 

The winner of the 'Vendy Cup' the top prize will go home with a trophy.  

All of the winners in other categories go home with bragging rights.  

The Vendy Awards will take place this Saturday on Governor's Island.