Members of a non-profit group are trying to set a positive example for students in Queens after two separate incidents of students bringing guns to school last week.

Members of the local organization “100 Suits for 100 Men” came together Monday to greet students outside P.S. 40 in Jamaica. This was in response to one of last week's incidents, where a fifth grade student brought in a loaded gun to the school. The gun belonged to the student's grandfather, who was later arrested.

Members hope their actions make students feel safe and secure. They hope to show students that there are residents in the community who care.

“We want to make sure that our community knows that there are some brothers here that care about our kids and stand up for our community. Enough is enough,” said Kevin Livingston, the group’s president.

“Elementary school, I'm just thinking it's getting worse and worse, meaning it's getting younger and younger and that's why we got to stand,” said Laurelton resident John Prince. “The youth, we got to start with them. Those are the people we can change.”

In the second incident last week, a 15-year-old student brought a gun to the nearby York College Early Academy in Jamaica.