Valentine’s Day may be over but Flushing Town Hall is kicking off its own celebration of love  and bridal style. NY1’s Tanya Klich has more.

Many wedding dresses are only seen for a single day. But the creator of the "Lucky in Love" exhibit at Flushing Town Hall aims at giving wedding attire and accessories from Asia another chance at being appreciated.

"See the Japanese wedding gown you can see cranes, cranes actually in Asian countries mean longevity. That means a wedding or marriage stays forever,” said Dr. Hsing-Lih Chou, Executive Director of the New York Institute of Culture and the Arts. “In the Chinese one you can see they have a phoenix, phoenix is a symbol of queen or empress. If you're that bride then it's almost like you're as precious as a queen."

Chou’s exhibit debuted Sunday in honor of Lunar New Year and drew more than two-hundred visitors.

Organizers say some displays -- like this heavily embroidered gown from India -- hold special meaning to the Flushing Town Hall team.

"This is a very personal exhibit because many of our community members including some of our staff loaned us their personal wedding attire from their different cultures and ethnic backgrounds," said Ellen Kodadek, Executive and Artistic Director of Flushing Town Hall.

For some couples in attendance- the traditional garb even stirred up old memories of their own nuptials – making the visit an especially romantic way to spend a Valentine's Day.

"Well I thought it was very glamorous,” said Maureen Regan, who visited the exhibit with her husband. “On our wedding day, I thought we were very glamorous also bc we got dressed up in these beautiful costumes."

Memories the exhibit’s creator had hoped to tap. "It just happened that Valentine's Day is in Lunar New Year Celebration, that's not coincidence, it's meant to be this way," said Dr. Chou.
And While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the exhibit will continue through the end of February.