Santa Claus rose high in the sky, waving to children for the holidays at Miracle on 73rd Street in Manhattan Wednesday.

The children who were waving from indoors have it harder this holiday.

They are fighting cancer and other illnesses while staying at the Ronald McDonald House and receiving treatment.

What You Need To Know

  • Santa Claus brought holiday cheer to children for Miracle on 73rd Street in Manhattan

  • Some of the children who took part have cancer and other illnesses

  • The event was put on by the Ronald McDonald House, FDNY and NYPD

  • The FDNY lifted Santa up in a bucket truck to wave to children in their rooms

“This is really amazing we’ve never experienced anything like this,” Nga Lemoine, a parent, said.

Lemoine and her 7-year-old daughter, Elena, are from Maryland and are staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

“Since we are away from home, this is really our second home right now and it’s magical and Santa is behind us, so how much fun is that,” Lemoine said.

Children and families from all over the country and world stay at the Ronald McDonald House on 73rd Street.

“We literally have a house with children who are immunocompromised have not been able to go out because of the pandemic and we are bringing the holidays to them,” Ruth Brown, president and CEO of the Ronald McDonald House, New York, said.

It was a team effort. The FDNY provided the bucket truck to get Santa to the children.

“They’re going through hell cancer treatments and everything like that just for a moment in their day to put a smile on their face and Mom and Dad’s face it’s hard for them too,” FDNY Lieutenant Bobby Jones said.

Jones and his fire house and the NYPD have worked with Ronald McDonald House for over 35 years.

The method of hoisting Santa up started during the pandemic, since Santa could not go into the rooms with children.

“We ran this idea by them. ‘What [do] you say we take a fire truck out Santa in the bucket and bring him up to the windows,” Jones said, explaining how the concept was made.

Officer PJ Conley was part of the team planning Miracle on 73 Street

“It’s an incredible feeling to be able to bring smiles to all of these kids’ faces. These kids can’t go home on Christmas, can’t go home on the holidays and it’s an amazing feeling,” Conley said, sharing why he does it.

Kids in the community, like 8-year-old Elena Gonzalez, appreciate the festive visit from Santa.

“It’s very cool because he gets ti wave to you and you get to speak to him and take photos,” Gonzalez said.

There were also a ton of presents given to the children.

The FDNY and NYPD worked with Fund the First, where they raised more than $6,100 for gifts for the children and their siblings.

The remaining funds will go toward the Ronald McDonald House.