NEW YORK - A long time candy store on the Lower East Side is closing its doors. 

Raul Candy Store on Avenue B will lock up by the end of the month.

The owners, Raul Santiago and Petra Olivieri, who are in their 70s, say they're ready to retire.

Back when the shop first opened 45 years ago, their rent was just $100 a month. Now, it's $2,400.

Loyal customers say the store will always have a sweet spot in their hearts.

"It’s hard to see them going away. It’s been here since we were young and it’s just hard seeing them taking it away," said one customer.

“It makes me sad because they’ve been here for so many years and I’ve been here with them," said another customer.

All the candy in the store will be free on its last day on February 28.

Meantime, many of the store's customers are gathering donations to try to save the store.