A new community group has formed to help save mom and pop shops on the Upper West Side from closing.  

They call themselves UW$. Members of the group are helping struggling small businesses through fundraising and advertising.

Their first project is with Whispers Bar and Lounge on West 94th Street.

Its owner says the rising costs of running a business have caused him to fall behind on rent. If he doesn't pay back all he owes by the end of the month, the owner says he will be taken to court.

UW$ has started a Go Fund Me Page for the bar and is helping get the word out about its food and drink specials.  

"These guys came out of nowhere, they came like out of a prayer and answered it. Its amazing, it is amazing that they have done this for us and so much exposure have been given to us in this short time because of them," said Bar Owner Carlos Vega.

All money donated will go towards helping the owner of Whispers pay off his bills.  

To help out or learn more about the organization visit uwdollarsign.com.