The "Fearless Girl" has been staring down the "Charging Bull" in Lower Manhattan for more than a year, but she'll soon be moved to a new home. 

The city will install the statue near the New York Stock Exchange.

City officials says it will be a more pedestrian-friendly location for the statue, which currently stands at a median on Bowling Green. 

New Yorkers NY1 spoke to say they'd like to see the statue stay in its current place. 

"I think it should stay where it is," said one New Yorker. "I don't know, it's just seems like where she's beating up on the bull, daring her to come after her, that's how the markets should be."

"She's had a good run. Let's share her with the folks down on Stock Exchange," said another.

"I think that when she's standing next to the bull, she seems stronger," said a third.

The Fearless Girl first popped up on International Women's Day last year and has been a symbol of female enpowerment. 

It was comissioned by a financial firm to promote its initiative to increase the number of women on corporate boards.