The mother of the boy fatally stabbed in a Bronx classroom says she has video evidence showing her son didn't provoke his killing.

Last week, the defense for Abel Cedeño released a video showing the boy being attacked by Matthew McCree just moments before Cedeño stabbed him to death.

But McCree's mother, Lounna Dennis, say that video does not show the start of the attack.

In this new cellphone video, Dennis says it shows Cedeño rushing towards McCree with a knife in hand before being restrained by classmates.

Dennis says she believes Cedeño lawyers intentionally edited the video to benefit his defense.

"With the lies he's been telling that he would even cut part of the video out," she said. "When it shows clearly his client charging in the classroom for these boys."

Another classmate Ariane Laboy was also injured.

Cedeño's lawyer says the teen is gay and endured years of bullying and intimidation at school.