A woman who lost family in the Rwandan genocide is sharing her story of forgiveness with students in New York City.

25 years ago, nearly 1-million Tutsi in Rwanda were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbors.

Denise Uwimana was married with two sons and a third on the way when the genocide began. 

Her husband, relatives and friends were among those brutally killed. 

Since then, Uwimana has been sharing her story of personal healing and forgiveness worldwide.  She made her mark on Brooklyn Monday at the Tilden Educational Campus. 

Uwimana says she hopes her tale will inspire students to forgive those who have hurt them. 

“Even to overcome the evil and to do good so they need it. This is the education they need as children because I know they come from different backgrounds, it’s difficult so this is a way to help them,” Uwimana said.

All of students took home a copy of Uwimana’s book “From Red Earth.”