AUSTIN, Texas - Some Austin ISD students walked out of class Friday to protest for stricter gun laws after the Parkland school shooting.

"She doesn't have all the answers and neither does her friends because they are 14, but they realize even at that young age (that) something has to be done," said parent Lenora Garza.

The first protest, at Bailey Middle School, started with students in the courtyard, but quickly led to kids running out front to talk to the media and share their thoughts on the tragedy in Parkland.

"It made me scared. It made me feel like if I go to school, I could die. I could come to school and lose my life over nothing," said eighth grader Aloura Garza.

A few hundred students at Anderson High School walked out in the afternoon while chanting for gun control before a minute of silence for each Parkland victim.

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Administrators didn't allow the media close to the campus, but after an hour, students ran out, yelling to the cameras and calling for President Donald Trump and other lawmakers to take them seriously.

"Children should not be afraid to go to school in the morning," shouted a student.

"Anybody could just look like a student and they could come in here and not know," said Emma Illanes.

Parents showed up in support of their students speaking out.

"I think what they are doing is pretty incredible. The voice that they've got right now is amazing," said Katy Casey.