There's a creepy character around every corner of the Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel. 

The experience was carefully crafted by a group of college students at City Tech in Brooklyn. 

"To me, when it's hands-on, I learn it better and I remember it better," said Shennie Shaw, one of the students.

These college classmates are studying entertainment technology. As part of this class, the students started working on the haunted hotel back in August to transform it into an attraction just in time for Halloween. 

Professor Sue Brandt leads the program. She says it takes about 120 students to create the haunted hotel, and anywhere from 15 to 30 to operate it. 

The students are responsible for every detail, including lighting, sound, props and stage management. They even install hidden motion sensors that trigger different life-like special effects. 

"They have deadlines they have to meet, deadlines that have to happen," Brandt said. "Things break, they fix them." 

As you're walking through the haunted house, students are watching you, following your every move on surveillance video.

"Just seeing everybody come in and actually enjoying, and actually, we enjoy seeing them get scared," said student Jose Reyes.

Brandt says the experience gives the students marketable skills to work in many forms of live production, from a theme park like Disney World or behind the scenes at a concert venue. This season marks the Gravesend Inn's 20th anniversary.

The attraction is open to the public through Halloween night. Tickets start at $5 for students and for group sales. General admission is $10.