There is hearing in Bronx Supreme Court today about the status of an elephant currently living at the Bronx Zoo.

Happy the Elephant's companion died 13 years ago.

Activists say she belongs in a sanctuary.

The Nonhuman Rights Project is petitioning the court to recognize Happy's legal personhood and right to liberty.

They say Happy is being "held alone in captivity" at the zoo.

The group claims Happy is "confined alone in a small enclosure" and is further "confined to an industrial cement structure" during the winter months.

But the Bronx Zoo denies this. The zoo says Happy is not kept in isolation and "is in visual, tactile, olfactory and auditory contact with another elephant, Patty.

The zoo also says both elephants have access to their outdoor spaces throughout the entire year and are only kept inside during severe weather.

The zoo says moving Happy could cause her harm, given her advanced age.