Nine families in the Bronx are looking for a new place to live after parts of two buildings collapse.

Large chunks of bricks and glass crashed down on the sidewalk at 1124 and 1126 Fteley Avenue in Soundview.

The Buildings Department says a 20-by-8-foot section of siding fell from the second story.

The agency says inspectors issued facade violations to both properties earlier this week, but did not see any signs of imminent danger.

Many residents say they knew this was going to happen and complained to the Department of Buildings.

"It actually was this window at the top here that had a flood and it's cracked, but that came off already and it was a big gap, but every day when it would rain, it would bridge," said one resident.

"My neighbor upstairs told me and my son she said, 'Get out. The front of the building fell. Get out the building.' I just went. My son was asleep. I woke him up. I said, 'Come on, we got to go,'" said another.

Some people were stuck inside when the gate jammed, but others were able to get them out by the time the Fire Department arrived.

Nobody was injured, but two cars had some minor damage.

The Red Cross is providing help for residents who have nowhere else to go.