There is outrage in the Bronx as residents protest the potential reopening of the bodega where "Junior" Guzman-Feliz was killed.   

The 15-year-old was dragged outside the bodega by a group of gang members who mistook him for someone else. 

The store is set to reopen with different owners.

“We do think that this is now holy ground. This is sacred ground, and right, for the community, you don't just do anything you want with sacred holy ground," said Minister Kirsten Foy of the National Action Network. "And so now, that space has to be respected and it has to be given the deference that it should be given, and regular commerce does not seem to fit the definition of what's appropriate for this space at this time."

Protesters say it's an insult to Junior's memory and asked the owners to drop plans to continue doing business. 

Many in the area are calling for the space to be turned into a community center that could benefit the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the attorney general's office is investigating a website it says is posing as a foundation for Justice for "Junior" Guzman-Feliz. 

Sources say a man named R A Greg, who claimed to be a member of the New York Community Affairs League, approached Junior's family to offer help taking the website, which was launched last week, down. 

The Guzman-Feliz family thought they were signing a "cease and desist," but he actually allegedly tricked the family into signing a letter authorizing him to be the only person to fundraise using Junior's name.

The family has seeked legal help since then.