Bronx tenants and landlords spoke out Monday about proposed rent hikes in an emotional rent guidelines board meeting.

A public hearing on proposed hikes for rent stabilized apartments was held at Hostos Community College.

Tenants are asking for a rent freeze, but landlords are in favor of the increases.

Landlord groups say the hikes are needed to keep up with maintanece and rising costs.

But tenant advocates say owners are squeezing tenants by major capital improvements, known as MCIs, to raise rents.

"I literally cannot afford another rent increase, I live almost paycheck to paycheck," said one attendee.

"I am now disabled and scared that I'm now going to be homeless," said another attendee.

For one year leases, the board is considering an increase of .75 to 2.75 percent. 

And for two year lease renewals, there could be a hike of between 1.75 and 3.75 percent.

The next public hearing is Wednesday in Brooklyn.

A vote is scheduled for later this month.