On Sunday, bike riders in the Bronx got the opportunity to make sure they're safe before hitting the streets this summer.

The City's Department of Transportation distributed free bike helmets at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in North Riverdale.

After taking a head measurement, participants were given a helmet specifically for them.

NYC DOT staff later showed children and their parents how to properly put on the helmet.

The event is just one of the ways the city is trying to meet the goals of Mayor DeBlasio's Vision Zero program.

The initiative aims at end traffic-related fatalities on city streets.

"It feels good when you see people, like, you can be on the Manhattan greenway in Manhattan and you just walking and you see a lot of people riding around with the helmet that you probably fitted. So, it feels great," said Marianne Groomes, the Chief of Staff for Vision Zero.

In New York, helmets are legally required for children ages 13 and younger and for working cyclists.