Images from around a community in the South Bronx will soon help light up Claremont Village.

For over a year, the Bronx Documentary Center has been working on a project called "Claremont Illuminated."

It's part of a bigger project called "The Claremont Documentary Project" where twelve photographers walked the streets gathering images from inside the city housing authority buildings that comprise Claremont Village.

Each photographer focused on highlighting different aspects of the daily lives of residents there.

Those photos will be turned into nocturnal art, which will be projected and illuminated at night in open spaces in the neighborhood. 

"It is good for the community," said Barbara Holmes, president of Morris House Tenant's Association. "It is good for other people to come into our community and see what is going on and it makes the community grow, it makes them feel special."

The installation will be on display the last weekend in June.